VR WARS Volume II - Coalition Army

VR WARS Volume II - Coalition Army


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There’s no rest for the wicket – especially if you’re ‘The Angel of Death’! No sooner was one battle over others begin. Be their own superiors or enemies barring their path; the UAT has no choice other than wade through the fog of war depending only on themselves. As the horrors of war generated by the immersive power of the PXF intensify and so many talented individuals joining the fray, can Angelo figure a way to overcome every last one of them while keeping his promise of victory to his comrades alive?

Welcome to the continuation of VR WARS! And the UAT's many struggles to avoid their potential demise.
For those who've followed volume 1 and want to read more, I am your biggest fan! For those who are new, I hope this story is to your likeness, and I'm your biggest fan too!

I update this story monthly, around 2-3 chapters a month, generally on the weekend. With research, work, and other stuff occupying my time, I kindly ask that you bear with my slowness and not give up on me.
I truly hope to deliver an amazing piece of work and improve my writing skills as this series progresses.

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Though some might be smaller, each chapter should be around 1500-1700 words.


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  In the history of warfare, any attack on a well-fortified and elevated position usually resulted in double or triple the number of casualties on the attackers' side. To make sure they succeeded,  Simão, José, and all the other officers in their units had worked their hardest to minimize the damage they sustained while making sure the……