The Death Mates : Vampire Bloodline

The Death Mates : Vampire Bloodline


Pranjit SK Romance

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It is a time of great turmoil in the secret royal family of the Royal Vampires- the last surviving and original line of vampires. Hunters have been lurking in the shadows killing most of the vampires one by one. The head of the Royal Family is dying from a mysterious disease and he appoints his daughter as the next leader of the family. She inherits lots of power and wealth but also makes a lot of secret enemies. She finds love in the form of an ordinary human but soon the relationship is disrupted from misunderstandings and dirty politics. Her love life is destroyed, her family is on the brink of destruction and everyone around her only wants her downfall. There's a war coming- a final war which will decide the future of vampires in this world.


Tags: revengedarkroyalty/noblestraightboldambitiousvampiremagical worldsupernaturalkingdom buildingDreame Love Story Contest
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Archer picked himself up and felt the small barbed wire from the fence escape from his hip which made him groan in pain. The Deltas stormed into the docks with their night vision scopes- the dark didn’t bother them. Archer watched as the shadowy figures zoomed past him and then began the fighting. The silent night air began to echo with heavy……


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