Journey in the Offing

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"The maggot would successfully turn into a blossoming colourful butterfly." This statement underlies the basic concept of this narrative. It signifies change. Change through a process. In this case however, the change is orchestrated by the belief and practice of African Traditional witch-doctoring. Although the advent of Christianity in most parts of Africa including mine, has come to frown at these practices as diabolical, satanic and anti-christian faith, the truth remains that this is traditional practice and had been carried out since the times of old. Therefore, several persons, especially in desperate situations tend to resort to such traditional spiritual cleansing to bring about positive change and development in their lives. It is also held as a belief system that those who must have succeeded without these involvements must have been fore-prepared through lineage cleansing which must have been done by their fathers or grandfathers. And here

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